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Ujet Shakes Up How We Will Move Around our Cities as it Launches New Generation Electric Scooter

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 gennaio 2018

Ujet ScooterToday, Ujet unveiled its first product, the Ujet electric scooter, which is set to redefine urban mobility – putting ease, joy and practicality back into getting around. Designed from the ground up, the stylish scooter combines smart connectivity and high performance materials typically found in the aerospace sector with clean technology and refined design – making it the most advanced in its class.
Through its flagship scooter, the technology company is pioneering an innovative way for individuals to move around their cities, while addressing today’s urban mobility issues of traffic congestion and pollution. It is the first of the leading-edge and luxurious products built to improve mobility, convenience, and sustainability, that Ujet hopes to bring in the future.City populations around the world are growing exponentially as new residents relocate to be a part of the urban experience – in 2016, an estimated 55 percent of the world’s population lived in urban settlements – a figure which is set to hit 60 percent by 2030.[1]. With this rapid growth, city residents are facing challenges that reduce their comfort of life. More traffic not only increases the difficulty of navigating through city streets, but also rapidly increases greenhouse gas emissions, air and noise pollution. Existing urban mobility solutions can’t keep up with the growth of our cities, and are not addressing increased congestion and pollution.“With more of us than ever living in cities, it’s never been more important to make urban environments a place in which people enjoy to live,” said Hugues Despres, CEO, Ujet International. “As a result, Ujet is focused on providing urbanites with great products that help them get around their city with style and ease. Our electric scooter is a perfect example of that with complete connectivity, advanced materials and unparalleled design that pays attention to every single detail. Its compact size occupies much less space for driving and parking, and represents a fast mode of transportation, and the portable battery eliminates the need for charging stations, giving urbanites the freedom to navigate their urban environments efficiently and effortlessly. And, with sustainability at the heart of our brand, Ujet has an important role to play in creating a better future. Our electric scooter is the first of many future products that will bring the Ujet philosophy to life.” Key features of the Ujet electric scooter include: All elements of the Ujet electric scooter were built to be friendly to the user and environment alike. It offers a high performance smart battery available in two sizes with an estimated range up to 70 km (approximately 43 mi) or 150 km (approximately 93 mi), and can be charged from any regular power socket. About the size of a cabin-size suitcase, the battery is removable, portable, and rollable, allowing for easy and convenient transport. (photo: Ujet Scooter)


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