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Synaptive’s Robotics Showcased in NASA Documentary

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 febbraio 2018

“Benefits for Humanity: From Space to Surgery,” a NASA documentary published February 22, 2018, explores the space robotics origins of Synaptive Medical’s robotic digital microscopes, Modus V™ and BrightMatter™ Drive. The video examines how technology originally used to create Canadarm2 on the International Space Station has been adapted to healthcare and is now benefiting patients with brain cancer and spine diseases.On the left, Canadarm2 assists astronauts on the International Space Station in their day-to-day operations (photo courtesy of and copyright NASA). On the right, Dr. Raul Olivera uses Modus V in an operating room; the device is derived from Canadarm2 technology (photo courtesy of Florida Hospital Tampa).Both of Synaptive’s medical devices, currently used in cranial and spine procedures at hospitals across the globe, are derived from Canadarm2 technology. Launched into orbit in 2001, Canadarm2 helped to assemble the international space station and continues to play an active role in the station’s day-to-day operations.Based on Canadarm2 technology, Modus V is a highly flexible instrument adept at aiding in delicate surgical procedures performed in a uniquely challenging environment. Both it and BrightMatter Drive, Synaptive’s first-generation system, were designed in collaboration with both surgeons and Canadian space robotics leader MDA, a business unit of Maxar Technologies.
Modus V’s automation positions its high-powered optical payload via the robotic arm for a precise view of the surgical field, allowing surgeons to focus on the procedure. Automation allows the robotic digital microscope to seamlessly move and almost intuitively position itself with little effort from the surgeon.Modus V displays the surgical field on a large screen, providing the whole surgical team with a global view of the patient’s brain and spine. When used in combination with other Synaptive technologies, such as BrightMatter™ Plan and Guide, Modus V may allow surgeons to operate on brain tumors previously deemed inoperable.The NASA documentary also features Dr. Gavin Britz, neurosurgeon and director of the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute, speaking about his experience using Synaptive’s technology, along with footage of BrightMatter Drive at Henry Ford Hospital and Modus V at Florida Hospital Tampa.


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