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Knetik Unveils the Launch of SPAWNPOINT at the Game Developer Conference 2018 (GDC)

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 16 marzo 2018

Knetik Inc. (Knetik) Unveils the Beta Launch of SPAWNPOINT, powered by the Knetik Cloud, at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA. SPAWNPOINT and the Knetik Cloud service enable game developers to invest more of their time on the actual game development and user experience, while also allowing them to enhance their monetization, incentivization, gamification strategies, and scalability of the game. Leveraging Amazon Web Services and Knetik’s proprietary cluster management, Game Developers need not worry about the infrastructure challenges associated with the back-office server needs for a global game.”We have had outstanding success in the past few years in the Enterprise space, including a number of Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 clients using the Knetik Platform. Being able to open the door in an extremely affordable way for this robust set of amazing capabilities to smaller developers is very exciting. As an avid gamer and supporter of indie games and the many creative titles that come out of more nimble studios, we hope to be an important part in many more game titles success,” said Shane Robinett, founder and Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Knetik.
The Knetik Cloud provides User Management with numerous Single-Sign-On integrations and social media partnerships, management of scalable Virtual Economies, Business Rules Engine, Gamification, Subscription Services, and contextual analytics out-of-the-box. Game Developers can leverage RESTful API’s, SDK’s, and well-supported engineers’ tool chest to accelerate game development while having direct access to our platform engineers at the GDC event, as well as online for on-going support on our Slack


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