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Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Releases a Statement Regarding Spider Silk Industry

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 aprile 2018

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB) (“Company”), the leading developer of spider silk based fibers, releases the following statement regarding developments in the growing Spider Silk Industry. Spider silk’s toughness is said to be 10 times greater than steel and some silks are nearly as elastic as rubber. According to some studies, spider silks can be two to three times tougher than even Kevlar, which explains why so many researchers have targeted this fiber for protective clothing and body armor applications, as well as other potential military applications including technical undergarments and more practical ropes.Numerous scientific studies have highlighted spider silk’s many intrinsic qualities and why it may be the ideal fiber for a slew of applications. For example, spider silk’s maximal resilience, or ability to absorb energy, makes it one of the sturdiest materials on a weight-to-weight basis. These properties could make spider silk the foundation for many lightweight products, including air bags, seat belts, flexible bridge suspension cables, sports helmets and motor vehicle panels.
Additionally, studies have shown spider silk to be antimicrobial, biocompatible, hypoallergenic and totally biodegradable. Spider silk is a biomaterial that could be the platform on which to develop many medical technologies, like better bandages, elastic ligaments, and artificial tendons and even biodegradable water bottles.Concurrent to Kraig Labs positioning for commercial production of its advanced fibers, many independent scientific studies have shown great promise in a vast array of potential spider silk applications. The Company would like to congratulate all efforts that advance spider silk technologies. A few recent examples of that work are provided below. Each of these reports is entirely unaffiliated with Kraig Labs, and we therefore have not and cannot authenticate any specific conclusions.


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