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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 338

MEPs assess the implementation of the European Protection Order Directive

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 aprile 2018

European Protection Orders won’t function correctly nor safeguard victims until fully enforced by all member states, say MEPs in a report adopted on Thursday.
In a report assessing the implementation of the European Protection Order (EPO) Directive, approved in Plenary on Thursday (by 475 votes in favour, 51 against and 28 abstentions), MEPs express their concern that, since the Directive was transposed into national laws on January 2015, only 7 EPOs have been identified across member states, to be compared with the thousands of national protection orders issued in members states in recent years.MEPs underline that the wide variety of protection orders across the member states and the different judicial systems (for instance, stalking is not recognised as a criminal offence across all EU countries) have created many obstacles for EPOs.They also deplore that the Commission did not submit a report to Parliament and Council on the application of the Directive by 11 January 2016 and call on the Commission to meet its reporting obligations, to monitor the application of the Directive and to launch without delay infringement proceedings against member states that breach it.
MEPs stress that victims of crime who have obtained or would consider obtaining a national protection order should be automatically and properly informed, both orally and in writing, of the possibility of requesting an EPO during criminal proceedings. They ask for a full list of competent authorities responsible for issuing, transmitting and receiving EPOs to be published and be made easily accessible. They also call on the Commission to coordinate programmes to initiate awareness-raising campaigns within the member states.They add that the issuance of protection orders must be as fast, effective, efficient and automatic as possible, and that it should involve minimum bureaucracy.Finally, MEPs urge member states to provide mandatory training courses for all public servants involved with EPOs and stress the need for regular training and courses for the police, the personnel of national competent authorities, legal practitioners, social workers, associations and NGOs dealing with victims of violence in all member states.


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