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Online Retail Space is Heating Up

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 maggio 2018

With the cost of living putting serious financial strain on Australians, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to finding the best bang for their buck, with Australian online cash back site, Cashrewards, making it even easier for Aussies to save and get money back on their everyday purchases.Whilst Cashrewards continues to be the leader in this space, accounting for a staggering 2% of national online spend and having given over $35 million in cash back to its 365,000 plus members, the arrival of offshore competitor ShopBack is imminent and one that Cashrewards CEO and founder, Andrew Clarke, openly welcomes.With their 1,200 retail partners (hundreds more than any other rewards site), 60+ Australian-based employees, deep understanding of what their fellow Aussies want and home-based contact centres, Cashrewards looks at new entrants as an opportunity to bring further awareness to the category to help ensure all Australians are shopping smart and capitalising on the amazing deals that are available to them. “From our point of view, a new arrival will help grow the category and educate the market, which can only be a good thing for us and for Australian consumers. We’re playing in a large space here and there’s room for plenty of growth into it which is what we’re planning to do, so to us it’s a case of ‘bring it on’,” says Andrew Clarke.He continues, “Our customers like our home-based model, our retailers like it and it delivers a competitive edge when it comes to the higher trust Australian consumers demand. We’re right here, on the ground, 100% accessible and are the only cashback site worldwide that has a cashback guarantee, making certain that our customers get their cashback.”With time-poor consumers increasingly turning to online for their purchases, Aussie owned and run Cashrewards offers consumers the cheapest way to shop online in Australia, across categories including groceries, fashion, telco, utilities, insurance, FMCG and everything in between.As Andrew Clarke notes, “Australian consumers, particularly millennials, are shopping smart and know they have the ability to save money on their purchases. They never want to pay full price and Cashrewards offers the solution for that. We just take the research and hard work to find those savings out of the equation for them.”Additionally, consumers are becoming more aware of the added value of shopping online, such as rewards programs, shipping deals and exclusive offers, etc. Cashrewards rewards its members everyday and this month is taking it even further for its 4th birthday, offering daily cashback increases and daily deals from major retailers. Cashrewards is also giving away thousands of dollars in cash prizes and “birthday presents” each week through their social media and email channels.


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