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That someone and something too much

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 maggio 2018

The idea, a few years ago, of Matteo Renzi of wanting to scrap the “old glories” of his party to make room for young people has served, in a short time, just to make shoes for uncomfortable rivals. The same struggle for the “succession” would not have spared the center right if it had not been that one of the parties, Forza Italia, had and has a master who holds 100% of his share and the money needed to neutralize hostile climbs in the bud both internally and in terms of its allies. In this way a portion of the electorate that looks to the right has been blocked by the old patterns of conservation in continuity. In other respects the classic right played by Brothers of Italy led by Giorgia Meloni has greatly reduced if we compare it to the times of Almirante and even Fini and what is worse does not seem able to get out of this impasse that engages to remain under the yoke of the chosen allies.
At this point we are with two parties, Forza Italy and the Democratic Party, intended to represent themselves regardless of the location they have given (center right and center left) because they have customized their role by identifying with that part of the electorate that has and it is not for this reason that they receive their consent even if they know they are a minority in the country. Their ability was, if anything, to be able to board even parties of different backgrounds but weak electorally but in order to survive they need visibility.
Everything would have run smoothly if it had not happened, in the last round of elections, that the leading party, Forza Italia had lost its primacy in the coalition and its potential external ally, the Democratic Party had come out battered and moreover a movement , 5Stelle, had obtained a good electoral exploit. We have therefore come to an unavoidable outlet: either return to the polls or shoot the cards. This last solution was chosen as a lesser evil, and it remains to be seen whether for the pentastellati it is a trap to eat them, in due course, with a single bite or we have really come to the awareness that we can realistically make a policy even for those who are and not just for those who have. There remains, however, a doubt: do we really believe that those with money are willing to cede a part of it in the name of so-called populism? And from the way things are done if we do not talk about the open hostility of the “strong and wealthy” powers, we lack little and now that the “virginity” has been returned to a certain gentleman who stops them more? Their king is a joiner. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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