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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 259

Letter to CEO John Ridding and editors of the Financial Times

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 16 maggio 2018

Eminences,Today I have read your article entitled “Rome opens its gates to the modern barbarians” and, with all due respect to a historical newspaper like yours, I have to be very honest, I think you need to better understand what is taking place in Italy and, perhaps, getting to know the 5 Star MoVement a little more closely. The last 30 years in Italy have been characterized by a constant mixture of politics, the mafia and occult affairs that have literally shattered our country to the bone, marking every negative record in our history. Today Italy suffers about 6 million people under the absolute poverty line and about 100,000 young people every year go to look for luck elsewhere, often right in your country. All this is the result of barbarians, old barbarians of whom I have never read so many negative things on your editorials as I am reading these days on us. The 5 Star Movement was born in 2009 with a specific purpose, to bring the popular will back to the center of the political debate and the decisions of the central government. In just 9 years we have grown so much that we can now touch the achievement of this goal thanks to over 11 million people who trusted us in the last elections.
We succeeded by working with our heads down, studying, always struggling in defense of Italians.
We succeeded with the younger, more educated and more gender-balanced parliamentary group that the history of Italy has ever seen.
The Italians who believed in us have always done it on these bases and on the awareness that everything we have promised or written in a program, has become a reality on the first occasion we have had to make it happen. In your article you are talking about a contract of government that is difficult to implement and economically unsustainable, a pity that you have not read this contract yet and this offends the profession of journalism.On one thing you are right, the contract we are writing is challenging and it will not be easy to remedy the damage done by 30 years of political barbarians to the government. But we are doing our best to give the Italians the hope they have lost and a better future.If you want to understand better how we will achieve this goal too, do not waste time raising false news created ad-hoc by the Italian press, come to know and report the truth. (By Five stars Luigi Di Maio)


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