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G7 and the new geopolitical, social, economic and financial balances

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 giugno 2018

The recent meeting of the G7 seen with the magnifying glass of the national media, due to the debut of the new president of the council Giuseppe Conte, leaves us perplexed on how the theme was developed as the importance of the event certainly did not concern, however appreciable, the figure of our president of the council but the dramatic turn that is taking what was considered a stabilized relationship of strength among the countries that continue to consider themselves the Deus ex machina on the world stage. Instead, reality seems to start on a different path and there is no worse blind than those who do not want to see. If at this point we consider, with pragmatism, when it is happening around us we have to take note that a new world order is being consolidated, which sees on the horizon the appearance of other subjects such as Russia, China and India whose economic force and political influence have opened up new scenarios by tarnishing those represented up to now by Community Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. Not only. Although it may seem absurd it was precisely the globalization that inflicted the mortal blow on that part of the world that calls itself “West”. Or better to say to a globalized model that frees the exchange of goods and production but without solving the logic of unit prices of products that reverberate on one hand the low cost of labor and technology and on the other the reckless Western response in the pursuing the reduction or non-adjustment of wages to the cost of living and work protection that, among other things, limits the purchasing power and favors goods imported from countries where the standard of living is much lower. At this point Trump has the merit of having taken, as they say, the bull by the horns and embarked on a path that we should have already taken. And we do not hypocritically try to get scandalized. Even in the 27 EU countries wage differences cause companies to move from one country to another. It would not happen if a company is imposed on those companies, which want to return goods produced elsewhere. So let’s stop feeling diminished if our prime minister has a hand on less than the so-called “greats of the earth” and think of those who are becoming truly such as Putin, Xi Jinping and Ram Nath Kovind. They are not in the G7 but their countries are worth much more on the world stage. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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