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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 338

Administrative elections in Italy and a broader reflection

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 giugno 2018

This election which involved seven million voters, but only half went to vote, roughly confirmed the orientation of the voters. For a start it did not go well either to the pentastellati or the left that in some cases (see Trapani) was presented under “disguised” or with civic lists just to deceive the voters. The resilience and also the success, in some cases, of the Northern League over the predictions was confirmed and this, in our opinion, shows the malaise of a certain electorate for the migration and territory policies conducted by the previous administrations. On the other hand, the attitude of Salvini’s last hour towards Malta, which had refused to welcome a ship carrying a refugee ship and stating that it should dock in an Italian port, has found many voters in favor. This, apart from the fact itself, shows a certain tendency to be governed by strong and decisive personalities, if they are only a facade, it does not seem relevant. Now, however, the most eloquent answer is up to the current government and the invitation of many is that stop “bombarding” slogans and get to work because the country has no time to waste and the unresolved problems are many and very tignous and they do not come only from the Italian situation. Just from the recent meeting of the G7 a circumstance appeared clear and was also expressed with a certain brutality by Trump himself: the liberalization of world trade has now made its time. Italy, in particular, is strongly affected by the continuous dislocations of industrial plexuses to the benefit of countries, even within the same community, for reasons of an economic nature (lower labor costs, tax benefits, state subsidies under the counter, better transport network , etc.). All this is unsustainable and the logic of “duties”, although in principle detestable, is the only possible way to curb these exodus. Let’s think of the renunciation of Marchionne to transfer a part of the automobile production in Mexico for tax and labor costs. He did it because Trump was holding a weapon that he was afraid to use elsewhere. And we know that a gun is not scared to anyone. It is, in our opinion, a first step to restore credibility to the Europe of the states that penalizes peoples but there is more to say and above all to add without delay and dilatory policies. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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