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Accenture Opens Liquid Studio and Nano Lab in Bratislava to Help Clients Innovate by Accelerating Application Development

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 giugno 2018

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has opened a Liquid Studio in Bratislava to help clients speed up innovation and software deployment cycles, as well as a Nano Lab, which offers a window into the extensive research and development conducted by Accenture Labs worldwide.At the Accenture Liquid Studio in Bratislava, clients work side-by-side with highly skilled Accenture professionals, building innovative solutions with speed and agility. To accomplish this, Liquid Studio teams are grouped in highly interconnected pods, working with contemporary development approaches such as Agile methodologies powered by DevOps, and disruptive technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain and cloud.The Nano Lab complements the Liquid Studio in Bratislava by bringing the latest breakthroughs in applied research from Accenture Labs around the world, and demonstrating the potential of emerging technologies through compelling case studies and demos.“With these new offerings, we are able to bring the latest technology innovations to our clients, fostering a startup-like environment in which we can co-create and prototype new solutions,” said Carlo Trimarchi, Europe Advanced Technology Centers lead at Accenture. “We are now able to develop and implement solutions more quickly and efficiently, ultimately benefiting our clients’ businesses.”Tomas Volek, country managing director for Slovakia and Hungary at Accenture, added, “Opening these facilities in Bratislava demonstrates our commitment to investing in this region. Moreover, the expansion enables us to offer new, interesting technology career opportunities to existing and future employees.” The Accenture Liquid Studio and Nano Lab in Bratislava further expand the application development capabilities of the Accenture Advanced Technology Center, which has operated in the city since 2003.Accenture Liquid Studios and Nano Labs are an integral part of the Accenture Innovation Architecture, which brings together capabilities – from research, ventures and labs to studios, innovation centers and delivery centers – to develop and deliver disruptive innovations for clients, and to scale them faster.


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