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Worldnet Finalizes Apple Pay on the Web Certification

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 giugno 2018

Worldnet, a leading provider of omni-channel payment solutions, has completed Apple Pay on the Web certification to enable payment service providers (PSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs) the capability to accept payments from Apple devices for eCommerce transactions.Offering Apple Pay on the Web provides added layers of security in transactions for both retailers and end users while also providing a quick and easy payment experience. Through the Apple Pay on the Web certification, Worldnet customers are already equipped to take transactions via Apple devices and complete transactions online without having to complete the certification themselves.“Being able to accept payments from any channel has become vital to our customers,” said John Clarke, Head of Product Innovation at Worldnet. “Through our certification for Apple Pay on the Web, we allow our customers to not only process payments via iOS web, but also provide a seamless and cost-effective route to accept those payments while ensuring a secure payment channel.”By working with Worldnet, PSPs and ISOs can take the headache of certification out of the equation to focus on their own company goals without worry of interruption of services. The Apple Pay on the Web certification supports transactions from any iOS device, including Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone or via the Safari web browser.In addition to the certification for Apple Pay on the Web, Worldnet provides comprehensive omni-channel payments as a service platform that supports both Card Present and Card Not Present EMV-certified transactions. The service supports traditional Point of Sale terminals, as well as iOS and Android operating systems for mobile and online-based merchants.


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