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EOS imaging Announces First Private Practice Installation of An EOS® System in Germany

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 giugno 2018

EOS imaging (Paris:EOSI) (Euronext, FR0011191766 – EOSI – Eligible PEA – PME), the pioneer of 2D/3D imaging and data solutions for orthopedics, today announced the installation of an EOS® imaging system at ATOS Klinik Heidelberg, establishing it as first private practice in Germany to offer the low-dose 2D/3D imaging system.The system will be available at the spinal surgery center, Zentrum für Wirbelsäulenchirurgie, a private practice led by Dr. Bernd Wiedenhöfer and Dr. Stefan Matschke, two specialists with 20 years of experience in spine therapy each. The practice specializes in non-surgical and surgical treatments of spinal disorders, providing diagnosis and therapy through cutting-edge medicine and state-of-the-art equipment, with an emphasis on patient safety.“EOS imaging utilizes advanced scanning technology to allow ultra-low dose imaging of the entire body,” commented Dr. Wiedenhöfer. “Within a few seconds, the system provides a comprehensive overview of the patient in with up to 90% less radiation than a conventional X-ray and 100% reproduction of the ratios and angles. The resulting benefits for diagnosis and therapy of spinal pathologies are immense, and we are thrilled to now offer this vital technology.”
“Because the EOS® system provides a full-body 2D and 3D images, the patient can be assessed as a whole, which is not possible with a traditional X-ray,” added Dr. Matschke. “EOS® allows to accurately determine clinical parameters such as pelvic obliquity or sagittal disbalance, with valuable advantages for enabling physicians to provide the best treatment plans possible for our patients.”“We have been working to expand the use of the EOS® system in private practices, which serve a significant patient population, as we feel it is important to also offer safe and effective imaging to patients outside the traditional hospital setting,” commented Marie Meynadier, Chief Executive Officer of EOS imaging. “This installation is particularly important for EOS, as it is the first private practice to offer the system in Germany, a key market for us with notable precedent for adopting advanced technologies.”


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