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Significant Demand Seen for Tierra Nueva’s Edible Coffee

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 giugno 2018

David G. Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Tierra Nueva LLC, announced today that an analysis of the results of Tierra Nueva’s participation in the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago shows unparalleled market demand for the company’s Edible Coffee® line of products and technologies.
Tierra Nueva’s marketing team provided 18,000 samples of Tierra Nueva’s Coffee Thins® product to show participants in less than 48 hours, exhausting the supply at Tierra Nueva’s trade show booth. Also, the marketing team received requests for follow up from more than 250 retailers researching new products at the show, May 22-24. “Importantly, all retailers in the United States that attended that show expressed an interest,” said Burke. “These included the top 10 in the who’s who of retailers in the U.S., and all of them have invited us back to discuss how they can get into the Edible Coffee® category with Tierra Nueva. Many have suggested it will be a multi-billion-dollar category.”Burke said Tierra Nueva will be announcing shortly new partnerships for the dramatic expansion of Edible Coffee® products over the next 3-6 months.“Our use of 100 percent of the coffee bean in our Edible Coffee® consumer products, along with our continuing focus on new breakthroughs in the science of coffee bean research and development, are sound and socially responsible applications of a precious global commodity,” said Burke. “Whole bean means the environmentally-friendly process can reduce coffee raw material costs by more than 30 percent, and create significantly less waste – results unprecedented in the coffee industry.” “This is Tierra Nueva’s first foray product line into a vast array of Edible Coffee® products and branded ingredients. At the expo, this company validated their confectionary market that will alone produce multi-triple digit growth, but more importantly you will soon see this company work their way into every single aisle within the grocery store,” declared Christopher D. Ramonetti, Chairman of the Board of Tierra Nueva. “With its patented technologies in Edible Coffee® and related coffee confectionary consumer products that are in such high demand, along with its proven manufacturing and distribution prowess, Tierra Nueva has the potential to disrupt a $74-billion global coffee market.”


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