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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 35 n°185

Men and women come from nowhere to travel into nothingness

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 luglio 2018

For years I have hoped and in the end I have almost reached the certainty that a movement like Five stars could perfectly embody the existential discomfort of a people like the Italian too long animated by a great hope that, despite the notices of the opposite sign, managed to end to feeling in tune with his political class. Without wanting to pretend to go back in time I think of the change in the change from the world scenarios resulting from the collapse of the “communist dream” and the awakening of “respectability” with clean hands in our house. We opened our credit line with berlusconism intercalating it with the groups that recalled the left center of Prodi and now of D’alema, now of Bersani and now of Renzi-Gentiloni but every time we came out disappointed but not defeated . Hope, we all know, is the last to die and ours is now octogenarian. But if the years pass and hope still remains strong and unshakable we owe it to the great desire that is in us in seeking not perfection, which is not of this world, but a political class that knows how to embody the dream of a people to be governed with wisdom and moral direction.
Now even the Pentastellati show signs of a worrying failure and leave us hopelessly orphans of a reference point that seemed to us to be going the right way. Because? Because it is not enough that the ideas are good, we need to find the right men and women. They eventually embody that ideal that we have made and must know how to represent it with strength and determination. And if today the political project wobbles is not the fault of the ideas but of those who can not express them concretely. There is also good that there are men and women come from nowhere on condition that their role is not humiliated by their lack of firmness, the emptiness of their ideals because they are cultivated on the surface and easily taken away by the first breath of wind. And this, unfortunately, is happening at home pentastellati. And the risk is that in the end even hope can no longer find shelter. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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