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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 279

MJIC Announces Strong Support for Jayden’s Journey License Renewal

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 luglio 2018

MJIC, California’s leading provider of fully-licensed cannabis wholesale distribution, retail, compliance and supply chain solutions, today announced it will continue its full support to keep internationally known medicinal cannabis dispensary Jayden’s Journey open, despite unexpected challenges with their license renewal. “Horwitz + Armstrong and MJIC Compliance are diligently working to secure Jayden’s Journey’s new county license, which will allow it to retain its California State License,” said John Armstrong, Partner of Horwitz + Armstrong, and Sturges Karban, CEO of MJIC, in a joint statement. “The new license will secure a path for Jayden’s Journey to continue servicing medical cannabis patients, some of whom have traveled across the globe because of the strong reputation it has built. We are proud to support this organization, which has been so important to thousands of families and their health.” Jayden’s Journey, based in Modesto, California, has gained international recognition for its signature “Jayden’s Juice,” a CBD cannabis product used to treat severe children’s epilepsy and cancers. CBD is a property in cannabis that offers medicinal benefits without psychoactive effects. Jayden’s Journey also serves as a preferred outlet for military veterans who experience PTSD and other difficult illnesses and injuries.Recently, Stanislaus County updated its licensing requirements necessitating both old and new dispensaries to apply for a limited number of licenses. Despite having its worldwide recognition as a “safe” dispensary to provide medical cannabis to parents of children suffering from seizures or cancers, Jayden’s Journey was informed its license application was insufficient to remain open. Subsequently, Jayden’s Journey retained Horwitz + Armstrong, which partnered with MJIC Compliance, to successfully appeal Stanislaus County to remain open on an interim basis while it continues its application process.


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