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The “fake news” on immigration

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 novembre 2018

For some years now there has been a growth in communication that refers to migration issues. Why so much noise for an event that is not just the present day but has dotted the whole history of humanity since its inception? If at this point we limit ourselves to the most recent events from Italian migrations in other European countries and overseas of the last century to those of other countries in the world, both at regional and intercontinental levels, the reasons for such mass exodus do not change over time . Poverty and degradation, reduced occupational environments and a strong desire to find a living space for cultural and professional growth and above all places where merit can be recognized and appreciated together with suitable gratification. What, as Italians, thinking of the healthy part of the country, indignifies us considering that since the years of reconstruction, after the ruins of the Second World War, there had been, if well directed by a forward-looking political class, the stimulus and creativity appropriate to bring the country at a level of growth worthy of its name. Instead we were enveloped by the coils of easy enrichment, the desire to grow without roots, becoming easy prey for the barkers on duty. Now we have to deal with new domestic and imported poverty with migrations to which we are not able to guarantee a valid work outlet except for very limited sectors. Everything tends to worsen because in the years of “fat cows” we did not know how to build on our financial resources to take reforms capable of renewing at the root the social, civil, economic and political fabric that could have protected us from risks of possible deviations. This has not been done and the problems we have now have worsened and with them the costs to settle them and at the same time we have entered the big time in the “lean cows”. Immigration in this context has increased our difficulties also because it is becoming uncontrollable and without controls both upstream and downstream. And what pains us most is that our European partners do not seem to realize our objective difficulties and with them, unfortunately, we add a political class that can not keep the bar straight in the face of the tempestuous problems that are overwhelming us. They are not yet aware, and we hope in good faith, that they have become urgent reforms such as those of justice, tax, health, school and welfare and it is not necessarily that they constitute a cost for the coffers of the state, especially if they go to full capacity. Rather. (Riccardo Alfonso Centro studi della Fidest – fidest press agency)


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