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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 34 n° 19

The recent street riots in France make us reflect

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 dicembre 2018

The French have for some years discovered the true face of their president. A man who is arid and only worried about ingratiating himself with the powerful of the world. It is the birth of a political class, and not only French, which wants to preserve its primacy at the expense of the poorer classes. But can you govern regardless?
From this, the rulers of the various countries should be aware of this when they prepare the techniques for managing the present without looking out of the window to look beyond.
This is a serious mistake that makes us escape from reality and digs a furrow between the real country and its rulers. It is a flaw that can be paid at a high price because we make possible another conviction, in my opinion very deviant as fascinating as it is possible to do without the politics represented by the parties.
It is an idea, I must admit, that fascinates me and on which I have reflected for a long time, even though I reject it because I consider it an extremely dangerous logic capable of causing, in the long run, more damage than advantages.
On the contrary, I am inclined to believe that there may be an alternative, especially in those countries with “unfinished democracy” such as Italy, and France seems, in this sense, to want to take a parallel path, where it would impose a ” dictatorship “in time to put back those reforms that are systematically blocked by the vetoes crossed by the opposing and corporate interests between the parties involved. A dictatorship not only short-lived but bound by the presence of some institutional guarantors.
First of all, to unblock the bonds that keep some subjects close to keeping their “privileges”. On the other hand, when politicians talk about broad understandings we are not very far from a solution capable of obtaining effective results for a more correct management of public affairs without having to take into account the various types of consortia that point to the dominant thinking of those who have he wants more and more. At the same time I ask myself: but to do all this is not enough strong popular consensus and political movements well rooted in the territory but also determined not to be affected by the lobbying? In theory it is possible but in practice voters suffer too many restrictions and are distracted by the machine of misinformation that does not scruple in spreading untruthful news and such as to arouse feelings of existential distress that lead to the same degeneration of the system. In short, we have been too long accustomed to thinking with our stomachs that we can not quite manage to do so with our heads, so much so that we find ourselves in the presence of a sick democracy capable of developing anarchic feelings. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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