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COA Formulates Regulations to Protect Rights of Foreign Crew of Fishing Vessels

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 dicembre 2018

To protect rights and interests of foreign crew of fishing vessels and enhance control of Taiwan’s distant water fisheries, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has been actively improving legal system.The COA has formulated the Act for Distant Water Fisheries and the National Plan of Control and Inspection for fisheries (NPCI), as well as improved the managing mechanism of monitoring, control and surveillance to improve management of distant water fisheries.
For instance, the COA has established Integrated Data System for Marine Fisheries and the 24-hour Fishing Monitoring Center (FMC), deployed more at-sea observers and staff for checking at harbors, and required distant water fishing fleets to install e-logbook.
The COA has also been actively pushing for building a tracking system for fisheries products and strengthening Taiwan’s collaboration with international fisheries to tackle illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and make contributions to the sustainability of marine fisheries resources.Regarding the foreign worker rights, wage and benefits for foreign workers, on the other hand, will follow the international mechanism of labor market.According to current regulations, each foreign crew member and fisheries operator are obligate to sign the standardized contract respectively. The standardized contract not only regulates the minimum wage, minimum insured amount of life insurance, daily rest time, and monthly rest days, but also specifies provision that fisheries operators should comply.
Meanwhile, the COA will conduct visits to foreign workers hired by Taiwan’s fishing vessels more regularly to learn about and handle cases regarding their infringement on rights and interests.


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