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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 244

The oil of Nonno Giulio: The liquid gold of podere dell’Uliveto

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 10 gennaio 2019

Intense green color, with a unique and naturally good shine. It is the oil of Nonno Giulio, the liquid gold that flows from the rich olive groves of Podere dell’Uliveto, the company of the de Claricini family. A sought-after product that, the result of a constant search for excellence, it is presented like the production philosophy based on organic. Obtained from olives of moraiolo, leccino and crusher, cold extracted, it is an oil of great purity and wholesomeness, with optimal organoleptic characteristics.According to the analyzes carried out by Isvea (Institute for Oenological and Agri-cultural Vine Development), the company’s oil has an acidity level of around 0.32%, a number of peroxides around 7.5 peroxides and 494 total polyphenols . To these peculiarities is reflected a qualitative mark that gives an average spicy taste, accompanied by herbaceous, artichoke, fruity and unripe hints. Perfect with soups of bread, ribollite or to enhance a Florentine steak, the oil of Nonno Giulio fully embodies the spirit of a tradition aimed at preserving the ancient value of a territory.The same value that the family de Claricini undertakes to transfuse in all its products, from oil to honey and wine. So, about the wine, do you want to discover and savor all the goodness of the delicacies of Podere dell’Uliveto? Then you can not miss Bacco a Palazzo, the enotourist event that unites winemakers from all over Italy on 19th and 20th January in Ferrara.


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