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XponentialWorks to Sponsor Exclusive Abundance 360 Beverly Hills Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 gennaio 2019

XponentialWorks, a venture, advisory and product development firm, announced today its sponsorship of the annual Abundance 360 Summit, which will be held in Beverly Hills on January 27-29. Abundance 360, now part of Singularity University, is Peter H. Diamandis’ membership-only community of extraordinary exponential entrepreneurs.Held yearly, Abundance 360 Beverly Hills is an opportunity for A360 members to preview technologies and trends that are transitioning from deceptive to disruptive growth. In two joint Convergence Catalyzer sessions, Peter and XponentialWorks founder Avi Reichental will curate intensive, insightful conversations on the convergence of AI, computation, robotics, 3D printing, sensors, networks, AR/VR, Blockchain and more, and how they are measurably transforming every industry.Additionally, the on-site XponentialWorks Tech Hub will offer Summit participants a place to meet and engage with companies creating exponential and converging technologies that are changing the face of business and society. Among the companies demonstrating their technologies at the XponentialWorks Tech Hub are ParaMatters, Nexa3D, blink, HaptX, Endless West, b8ta, VIVE and Magic Leap.“Abundance 360 provides our CEO members with clarity about those exponential technologies going from deceptive to disruptive in the year ahead,” said Peter H. Diamandis. “I’m proud this year to partner with Avi Reichental and his company XponentialWorks to go beyond concept, and actually translate how to put those technologies into practice. It’s hard for a company to disrupt itself. XponentialWorks has aided numerous companies in going from incremental improvement to exponential change. We are also excited to have XponentialWorks curate our Tech Hub, which has vetted numerous companies and hand-selected 20 game-changers to share with our members.” “Peter Diamandis is a true partner in disruption, and we’re excited to partner with him for Abundance 360 2019,” said Avi Reichental, Founder of XponentialWorks. “I look forward to sharing our teams’ insights on transformative exponential technologies during this extraordinary event,” he continued.


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