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Trips for Women Focus on Empowerment and Spirituality in India

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 4 febbraio 2019

2019 is the year of the conscious traveler. Issues from human rights and feminist values to politics and the environment are in the spotlight, influencing travel decisions. In fact, almost half the travelers from a recent survey1 said social and political issues are of real importance when deciding where to visit next.India isn’t the first country that comes to mind when socially conscious wanderlust strikes, but A Classic Tours Collection founder Debika Sen wants to change that. To honor Women’s History Month this March, the India-born, Los Angeles-based tour operator will host an intimate, 11-day Women Empowerment tour through India’s cities and countryside from March 6-17, 2019.“This is a unique tour designed by women, for women that emphasizes self-discovery and feminine power through the exploration and fusion of different cultures,” says Debika. “We’ll connect with women across cultures, spiritually and in an organic way, to gain an understanding of each other’s journeys through life and to explore the common threads that connect us all, regardless of culture or background.”While luxury tour staples are included—from tantalizing cuisine and local markets to fresh spices and spa treatments—this journey provides an opportunity to:
Connect with a nonprofit that advocates for the rights of transgender people in India, and several of those the organization serves, to learn more about India’s progress across social justice.Explore an area known for its elephants, boat safaris and natural spices, and its status as home to the only temple in India where women are priestesses.
Visit Airavateswara Temple—a UNESCO Heritage monument—and explore a village where God is believed to be created from mud.Indulge in Ayurvedic massages, meet with an Ayurvedic Doctor and participate in a private puja prayer ceremony at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple.


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