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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 338

21 Air Highlights Compliant and Responsible Operations

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 12 febbraio 2019

In light of the current news circulating the media regarding cargo allegedly transported into Venezuela by one of our aircrafts, 21 Air clarifies that the company has always abided by all national and international regulations. The aircraft N881YV was a charter flight for an indirect air carrier, who also has a Transportation Security Administration of the United States of America (TSA) approved security program and had full control of all cargo on board.Days after aircraft N881YV completed its travel plans, the media reported on an alleged irregular shipment into Venezuela. As soon as 21 Air became aware, TSA was immediately notified and the company started conducting its own exhaustive internal investigation, which showed that all security procedures and documentation were followed. The TSA was provided copies of our audit and all documents gathered during the investigation.Since our founding, 21 Air has always complied with the rules, regulations and security protocols outlined by TSA, and this incident is no different. The company has also successfully fulfilled the requirements of cargo screening as stated in the Venezuelan issued landing permit and has not received any formal notification from the Venezuelan government regarding any irregular shipments to the country.As a preventive measure, 21 Air made the decision to discontinue all flights into Venezuela until the situation is clarified to ensure the safety and security of our crews and assets. The company is open to collaborating with all national and international authorities to come to a resolution.
21 Air remains a reliable, compliant and responsible charter cargo airline. The company continues committed to honoring its mission of delivering the highest quality Air Cargo Solutions services maintaining teamwork, timely performance and responsive customer service to all our clients.


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