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The Estonian Defence Industry Association Concluded a Cooperation Agreement with the Emirates Defence Companies Council

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 febbraio 2019

The Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA) and the Emirates Defence Companies Council (EDCC) Concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in the Field of the Defence Industry.According to Väärsi, the cooperation agreement with the EDCC as a public organisation recognises the fact that Estonian companies develop, produce, and export high-technology products and services, which are becoming increasingly attractive in the United Arab Emirates, the other Gulf Countries as well as on other external markets.The cooperation agreement was signed by Sultan Abdulla Al Samahi, Acting General Manager of the EDCC and Kuldar Väärsi, a representative of the Estonian Defence Industry Association. The agreement was concluded in Abu Dhabi, at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference IDEX, one of the largest and most important defence industry exhibitions in the world.At IDEX, ten Estonian companies are introducing their products: Defendec, Eli, Englo, Milectria, Milrem Robotics, Samelin, Tactical Foodpack, Terramil, Threod Systems and Toci.Defendec is developing automatic and autonomous security monitoring platforms and constantly challenging status quo in border protection and surveillance.Eli produces, pop-up and moving targets, weapons recoil kits for pistols, rifles and machine guns, Mortar simulators for 60,81 and 120mm mortars and also multirotor drones.Englo produces electronic and fine mechanical devices and measuring devices that are used in mines and military, rescue, security, road construction, building.Milectria produces military standard cable harnesses and electrical units for its main products.Milrem Robotics’ primary focus is manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles, developing robotic warfare solutions and performing concept of operations and doctrine level warfare analysis.Samelin manufactures high quality footwear for trekking, work, safety and military use.Tactical Foodback develops and produces light-weight and high-energy foodpacks for military and backpackers.Terramil manufactures innovative high quality directional, anti-tank, fragmentation mines and mortar fuss, bomb shelters etc
Threod Systems provides outstanding unmanned aircraft systems and sub-systems for intelligence collection and surveillance tasks.Toci manufactures adjustable weapon brackets which are designed by Norwegian Armed Forces (FLO). The brackets are used for securing firearms inside vehicles (cars, ATVs, boats, tanks etc.).


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