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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 31 n° 259

EU funds for integration of migrants, border protection and counterterrorism

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 marzo 2019

Ensure solidarity towards the countries most affected by migration challenges Direct funding for local and regional authorities for integration policies Funding for strengthened borders and more efficient visa policy Additional funds to help member states combatting terrorism and organised crime Parliament backed on Wednesday increasing the EU budget for migration and asylum policies, to reinforce borders and to support member states in the area of security.
MEPs endorsed the renewed Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), whose budget for 2021-2027 will increase up to €9.2 billion (€10.41 billion in current prices, 51% more than in the previous financial framework).They also voted in favour of creating an instrument for financial support for border management and visa as part of the new Integrated Border Management Fund (IBMF), with a budget of €7.1 billion (€8 billion in current prices) for seven years. And they agreed to reinforce the existing Internal Security Fund (ISF), more than doubling its budget for 2021-2027, up to €2.5 billion budget in current prices (€2.2 in 2018 prices).The AMIF should contribute to strengthen the common asylum policy, develop legal migration, in line with the member states’ economic and social needs, contribute to countering irregular migration and ensure effective, safe and dignified return, readmission and reintegration in non-EU countries.But it should also ensure “solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility between the member states, in particular towards those most affected by migration challenges, including through practical cooperation”, MEPs state. They also want to make sure that funds can be allocated to local and regional authorities, and to international and non‑governmental organisations, working in the field of asylum and migration.The instrument for border management and visa will provide funding to build and enhance member states’ capacities. The funding dedicated to member states (60 % of the total envelope) will reflect their needs and take into account additional pressures. Furthermore, a new EU thematic facility (40% of the total envelope) will ensure flexibility to channel emergency funding to member states and EU-level projects when urgent action is needed.
MEPs also added safeguards to ensure that actions and measures funded through the Instrument comply with the EU’s fundamental rights obligations, in particular with the principles of non-discrimination and non-refoulement.The reinforced Internal Security Fund (ISF) will focus on tackling terrorism, violent extremism, radicalisation, organised crime and cybercrime and assisting and protecting victims of crime.Up to 60% of its budget will be allocated to member states. The remaining 40 % of funds will be reserved for unforeseen security challenges, allowing for rapid response to emergencies and the channelling of funds to the member states that need them most.Parliament backed the AMIF with 374 votes to 260 and 49 abstentions. The instrument for financial support for border management and visa got 473 votes in favour, 169 against and 39 abstentions, while the ISF was passed with 481 votes to 142 and 49 abstentions.With these votes, the Parliament closed its first reading. Negotiations with the Council will be left for the next legislature.


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