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Military Veteran Partners and Empire Selling Create Mentor Program

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 marzo 2019

Military Veteran Partners (MVP), a mission-driven investment and advisory services company focused on Veteran businesses and employment, has designed a new mentorship program in conjunction with Dan Swift, CEO of Empire Selling, to connect military Veterans with business veterans. Swift has created a unique social selling and marketing methodology that’s been implemented by Fortune 100 companies and will help MVP honor its commitment to mentoring, networking, and its partners’ professional development.The program pairs highly accomplished sales professionals from well-known organizations with MVP’s JDog Junk Removal & Hauling business owners and sales representatives—many of them Veterans—to encourage and nurture their business’s growth.“We worked with Military Veteran Partners to develop a mentor program that matches experienced business leaders from around the country with Veterans and entrepreneurs committed to Veteran hiring, allowing direct access to expert advice, insight, and guidance,” said Swift. “The military prepares Veterans in many ways, but the civilian business world operates very differently. When building a new business, Veterans may need help brainstorming ways to position a service into a new vertical, or would like to better understand the sales and marketing process—that’s where these mentors step in. They can empower MVP’s leaders to develop professionally, build sales pipeline, maximize deal sizes, shorten sales cycles, and ultimately thrive in a business environment.”The outpouring of interest for the mentor program was immediate; 100 mentors signed up from a single LinkedIn post by Swift, and around 30 mentor partnerships have been formed since July 2018. One of those partnerships is Mike Dutter, RVP of Enterprise Sales for U.S. Central/West at Oracle, and his mentee Tim Colomer, President at JDog United and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.


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