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Japanese Startups Aim to Solve Consumer and Societal Challenges with New Technologies

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 marzo 2019

Japanese startups demonstrated how to solve societal challenges and make lives easier with innovative technologies at SXSW 2019. These startups, part of the government’s J-Startup program to incubate globally-competitive startups, are the face of the new business environment in Japan as a global innovation hub. Specifically tailored to encourage invention and creative problem-solving, the J-Startup program produces startups that are using human imagination to bring greater joy, better environmental stewardship, and groundbreaking innovation to industry and everyday life.Ten startups exhibited at the J-Startup Booth, which was organized by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), in the Japan Pavilion in the Austin Convention Center and demonstrated their products and services during the Japan Innovation Hour on March 12 in the International Innovation Platform. The demonstrations drew high attendance and the audience was able to view solutions that included applications spanning artificial intelligence (AI), wearable technologies, smart home solutions, and more: ArchiTek chip, a startup that addresses the pressing need to lower the cost and increase the performance of artificial intelligence, demonstrated its low power, high performance chip that runs computer vision and AI algorithms with high performance. The chip can be used for autonomous vehicles, security cameras, cybersecurity systems, robotics, and data centers. It aims to make AI more affordable and integrated into mainstream applications.
Empath Inc. demonstrated its program that identifies emotions – joy, calm, anger, and sorrow –using artificial intelligence, regardless of language. This startup’s mission is to develop and provide technology where all people can understand and help each other, with specific use cases in telemarketing. It’s currently being used by 1,000 customers across 50 countries.
LOAD&ROAD demonstrated its tea-brewing innovation, Teplo, a smart-tea brewer that uses a heart-rate sensor to collect mental state data and securely share it with a mobile app to brew a perfectly personalized cup of tea. It recently won the CES Innovation Award for Home Appliances.


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