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Peaks Breaks Through GEICO’s 17 Millionth Policy Sales Goal

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 28 aprile 2019

The odds of GEICO selling its 17 millionth policy were far better than the one in 302,575,350 shot of winning the Mega Millions lottery. Even so, when Iowa City GEICO sales associate Ty’Shaye Peaks learned she had sold GEICO’s record-breaking 17 millionth policy, she was shocked. “It was like hitting the lottery, everyone in the company has been ecstatic about the sale, and knowing that I contributed to such a milestone has been overwhelming.” Peaks recently sold the policy during a conversation with a caller from Laredo, Texas. “She told me that she had compared all the options and chose to go with GEICO, not only because of the savings but because our process was quick and easy,” Peaks recalled.
“The entire Iowa office is excited about the 17 millionth policy being sold by one of our own,” said Iowa sales/service director Pete Rizzo. “Not only is this an accomplishment for Iowa, but also for all of GEICO. I’m looking forward to the great growth the company has ahead.”Peaks joined GEICO two years ago, starting just months before the company’s 16 millionth policy was sold. Complete customer satisfaction is the goal Peaks set for herself, one that GEICO associates strive to achieve each day. The role Peaks has played in GEICO history has served to reinforce that mission.“I love being a part of the sales team. Every day, we are letting customers know about all the good things about GEICO, and they are listening,” she said. “I’m excited about the opportunities that GEICO has for me in the future.”


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