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Airgain Introduces 6GHz Wi-Fi Embedded Antenna Solutions

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 Maggio 2019

Airgain, Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRG), a leading provider of advanced antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of devices and markets, including consumer, enterprise, and automotive, today announced the release of the Profile X6 series of embedded antennas providing full support for the new 6GHz (5.9-7.125GHz) ISM band spectrum. These new antennas will help Wi-Fi system designers adapt to future technological changes, enabling a more seamless transition to 6GHz support once the new spectrum becomes available for Wi-Fi.
In October 2018, the FCC voted to allocate up to 1.2GHz of mid-band 6GHz Wi-Fi spectrum for next generation Wi-Fi systems. Following the Notice of Proposed Rule Making released in late 2018 by the FCC, the spectrum may be made available as early as late 2019. The 6GHz spectrum will be supported only with the latest Wi-Fi technology, namely Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). Wi-Fi system designers including carriers and OEMs are deep into device design refresh cycles based on Wi-Fi 6; however, since 6GHz is not ready they have to decide to wait and risk being late to market, or to proceed without 6GHz and face another design refresh cycle later.“Our Wi-Fi 6 ready, 6GHz embedded antenna solutions enable Wi-Fi system designers to build their Wi-Fi 6 systems with antenna support for both 5GHz and 6GHz from day one. This creates potential for a future upgrade to 6GHz, when utilizing radio hardware that is upgradeable to support 6GHz, avoiding a new ground-up 6GHz design once the 6GHz Wi-Fi spectrum becomes available,” said Callum Noon, Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing at Airgain. “Our Profile X6 series antenna also includes patent pending technology that increases the isolation between existing 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum and the new 6GHz Wi-Fi spectrum, enabling the two bands to co-exist in the same device with maximum throughput performance.”


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