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Tycoon Global Blockchain Real Estate Group Announced a US$4.5 Million Project

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 Maggio 2019

Tycoon Global planned to establish 6 villas on this block of land, and each villa includes 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets and 2 garages. It is located in the bustling Upper East Side in Melbourne and with the good natural conditions, which has become one of the best areas in Melbourne. As real estate is the key to developing business hub in the State of Victoria, Australian Government has already invested 600 million Australian dollars for upgrading the living facilities in this area since 2016.The real estate project is adjacent to the largest shopping centre, Eastland Shopping Centre in the East Area of Melbourne. A total of 350 stores offering everything from luxury goods to daily home products are located in this shopping centre, and moreover, the people here can enjoy the foods from all over the world. In addition to that, this shopping centre is rapidly expanding, which is also an interesting proposition for all the potential investors setting their eyes on the adjacent real estate plot.The owners of dwelling units in this area would also have access to lots of high-quality educational institutes, including primary schools and middle schools, such as Eastwood School, which is only 280m from the project area, and Tintern School, which is only 680m from the project area. The real estate project also boasts of very convenient transportation options, as the closest urban rail transit station is at only 12 minutes of walking distance, and the entrance of M3 eastern expressway is only 1,200m from the project area.The ambitious real estate project is already in high demand due to multiple advantages. According to the REA 2018 statistical data of the largest real estate data company in Australia, the average demand of the real properties on this plot has 220% of the average demand in the State of Victoria.Dr. Zhong Jian, CEO of Tycoon Global, showed that this project was planned to be launched in June 2019 and the sale will officially begin in July. Each individual villa will be priced at around US $750,000, which makes these some of the most exclusive and valuable properties in Victoria for self-occupation and investment. Besides, this project accepts payment of TCT (Tycoon Chain Token). This also reflects the Tycoon Global principle of landing first and zoology second. Tycoon Global will keep conducting real estate development and reforming the traditional real estate industry chain with blockchain technology based on the excellent profitability. “Sustainable profitability is the basis for us to embrace the new technology to update the industry chain of real estate, and it also makes us different from other blockchain companies.” said Dr. Zhong.


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