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Trax and LenzTech join forces to digitize the physical world of retail at scale and speed of China

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 5 giugno 2019

Trax, the world’s leading provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for the retail industry, and LenzTech, China’s leading retail AI and Big Data service platform, are joining forces to provide Chinese Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGs) with greater visibility into store conditions for better in-store execution, promotion optimization and merchandising strategies. The merger combines Trax’s best-in-class technologies with LenzTech’s in-market expertise in AI and crowdsourcing to ‘digitize’ China’s physical world of retail.Trax provides in-store execution solutions, market measurement and consulting services for CPG brands and retailers by leveraging its cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning and IOT platform – which turns photos of retail shelves into granular, actionable shelf and store-level insights. Top brands and retailers leverage Trax in over 50 countries, to drive execution excellence and increase sales and market share.
LenzTech the market leader in AI powered, crowdsourcing services in China, leverages its 800,000 userbase to perform tasks like taking images of a store shelf. With 50,000 monthly active users, LenzTech covers over 1000 cities including all counties and most townships across China.With their combined platforms, Trax and LenzTech intend to put the power of AI into the hands of consumers across China. This will uniquely serve global and local brands for better auditing efficiency and enhanced insights across all store formats at unprecedented speed and scale.


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