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Stratics Networks Announces Free Disaster Communication Program

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 giugno 2019

Stratics Networks, a leading provider of cloud communications and the inventors of Ringless Voicemail and IVR Polling, today announced the introduction of their Disaster Communication Program. This program will offer free emergency messaging for qualified groups in life-threatening disasters to aid in crucial relief coordination.“Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time is absolutely crucial in a disaster situation. As a provider of a technology that can aid in emergency communications and as a responsible member of the community, we feel that we have a duty to help wherever we can,” said Stratics’ Director of Communications, Chris Collins.
Stratics Networks has offered all of its products for free as part of its comprehensive Disaster Communication Program, including offering its proprietary Ringless Voicemail technology, which allows messages to be inserted directly into a voicemail without placing a direct call. Organizations can also choose to use Stratics Networks Voice Broadcasting technology and Bulk SMS Delivery technology. Additionally, Stratics has enabled government agencies and NGOs to collect mass real-time data using PrecisePoll™, an advanced outbound IVR system, capable of making over a hundred thousand phone calls per minute.“Stratics Networks knows all too well what emergencies look like. Unfortunately, we have had friends, family and colleagues in areas that have been affected by disaster. We understand landline phones are often the last viable communication method that remains active in a disaster, as landlines draw their power directly through the telephone infrastructure and not from the outside power lines. When power fails, TVs stop working, the internet goes down and even mobile towers can fail. Copper-based landline phones should always remain in every house for this reason,” said Stratics Networks’ CEO.


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