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University of Chicago Researchers Conduct Study of Unique Device to Lower High Blood Pressure

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 giugno 2019

The University of Chicago Medicine’s Comprehensive Hypertension Center is participating in an FDA-approved pivotal trial of a novel catheter-based, non-surgical procedure to treat patients with drug-resistant hypertension. This study, called CALM-2 (Controlling And Lowering blood pressure with MobiusHD®), continues the study of the investigational MobiusHD device which was evaluated in an earlier proof-of-concept CALM-FIM which showed significant reductions in blood pressure through six months.The new, larger, multi-center CALM-2 clinical trial has been designed to assess the safety and effectiveness of this unique device as a possible solution for patients whose blood pressure is not controlled with prescribed medications.The research team at the Comprehensive Hypertension Center, led by world-renowned hypertension expert, professor of medicine and Center Director George Bakris, MD, specializes in the assessment and treatment of hard-to-treat hypertension. This includes the assessment of studies examining innovations in resistant hypertension.Specialized stretch-sensitive nerves called baroreceptors are located in the walls of the carotid arteries and play an essential role in the body’s natural blood pressure regulation. The MobiusHD system is used in the first minimally invasive procedure to utilize the baroreceptor mechanism to address uncontrolled hypertension.
The CALM-2 clinical trial, sponsored by Vascular Dynamics Inc., is targeting up to 300 drug-resistant hypertension patients at select medical centers around the U.S. and in the UK and Europe, including UChicago Medicine.


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