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Deutsche Telekom has opted for IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Entitlement server solution for European affiliates

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 17 luglio 2019

Smartphones, wearables, and connected devices are continuously evolving with new features to make our lives easier. To ensure a seamless user experience, device OEMs are introducing entitlement specifications to optimize the way devices and networks interact. IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Entitlement is part of the Smart Connect Platform, an end-to-end solution for mobile operators wishing to support eSIM devices. Supporting both iOS and Android platforms, this flexible cloud-based solution requires non-invasive network integration for Mobile Operators. They can more cost effectively and quickly deploy Smart Connect Entitlement for authentication for devices and subscribers, entitlement authorization, subscription/message notifications, VoLTE and VoWiFi Management and SMS free feature registration.Deutsche Telekom chose IDEMIA’s solution to ramp up their efforts to accelerate the launch of eSIM-enabled devices in its European affiliates. IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Entitlement ensures Deutsche Telekom will always have the very latest OEM specifications to support smartphones, wearables and tablets on a cost effective and easy to deploy platform.IDEMIA’s VP Digital Domain Connectivity Emir Aboulhosn said: “Our flexible, scalable and cloud-based solution will certainly fire up Deutsche Telekom’s efforts to launch their eSIM-enabled devices in Europe given that it supports multiple OEMs, meets their entitlement specifications and is easy to introduce and add to their various affiliate networks under a single platform.”


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