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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 60

The “dark” evil of our time

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 11 agosto 2019

From the sixteenth century to this part, a particular evolutionary period expressed in a civilization that has tried to bring out a new cultural, economic and social identity has manifested itself, albeit with unsteady steps and some resounding retreat. To drive the push there have been more socially evolved peoples as it happened in the past with the Egyptians, the Assyrians-Babylonians, the ancient Romans and the Slavs. But it is also true, as Spengler observes: “civilizations are born, thrive briefly, decay and die “. Should we perhaps agree that our civilization is in decline and that a new one is emerging on the horizon? But what could be the warning signs? In the twentieth century, we accepted and even immediately the evolution of capitalist logics and its counterpart in Soviet-Chinese communism. Two sides of the same coin that would have intended to give an evolutionary turn to their respective systems if there had not been the collapse of the Soviet bloc that has caused a new shuffling of the cards and from which capitalism has benefited with its consumerist and hedonistic logic who have identified moral good with pleasure. Probably capitalism has managed better than Marxism to stay afloat for its transformational capacity combined with human exploitation, catching up its weaknesses: possibility of easy enrichment, use and abuse of new technologies and so on. Now the limit is glimpsed in all its different contradictions. The industry to thrive and make more profits must broaden its consumer base but can no longer do so because the poverty line has grown and with it the world population is having to deal with the logic of a job, and not for everyone, which produces for the most part low average incomes and such as to make troubled the new generations who want everything immediately and no longer tolerate an expectation from long time with poorly paid and precarious jobs. It means, wanting to grasp the essence of the problem, that the exponential growth of birth rate, the progress of medicine that lengthen life expectancy even if they do not guarantee healthy old age, have made clear that capitalism as we conceive it today and the same damage that created the ecosystem, mostly irreversible, requires a radical revision of the guiding spirit that has brought us to this day. Hence the conviction that our civilization has exhausted its cycle and that a new one is necessarily emerging. It remains to be questioned how much conflictual and dramatic it may be in its passage before it can reach the goal of a new civilization. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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