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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 15

For professionals: How to destroy a movement

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 agosto 2019

From the end of the Second World War to today we have had two political movements of protest or not sprung up from the rib of the existing parties but born from the urns for spontaneous germination. They were joined by the opposition of a certain electoral body towards traditional parties that have shown themselves to be more inclined to support employers and capital than to defend the interests of the weakest. In the first case I am referring to the Front of Man Whatever (FUQ) first born as a movement and, subsequently, it became a political party born around the newspaper L’Uomo male, of the satirical-political weekly founded in Rome in 1944 by G. Giannini. It lasted two years, only to be incorporated in all areas of Italian politics. From that moment on, the parties found an antidote giving life to the currents where the political proposal was diversified to become, at the same time, conservative and innovative, as cattocomunisti and anti-communists to say that one could be a communist without being one and vice versa. It was a “joke” that gradually wore out until the Five Star Movement founded in Milan on 4 October 2009 by the comedian and political activist Beppe Grillo emerged. The guiding idea was to stimulate methods of direct democracy as opposed to representative democracy. From then until 2018, with the political elections, the popular consensus reached 32% of the readership. At this point the pentastellatos became very uncomfortable both to traditional parties and to the so-called “strong powers” as they could not exercise the classic persuasion techniques of which traditional parties were particularly sensitive and acquiescent. Thus came the idea of ​​involving the pentastellars in the government of the country but with a poisoned meatball called the League and led by a Masaniello in the thirteenth. At this point it became clear to everyone that the pentastellars had played their credibility because they could not compete with a mad driver with a shy Di Maio. And the facts of the last few days prove us right: in just over a year, millions of voters have abandoned the movement. And this decline seems unstoppable. Now the masterful lesson on how one can destroy a movement has become a classic. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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