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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 60

Why do we talk so much about the events that affected the 20th century?

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 agosto 2019

And we do this above all by focusing our attention on the Second World War, which we can consider the most destructive and full of victims with its 50 million deaths. Because from that moment we have marked our future indelibly. We have uncovered an atrocities that has no equal and the killing of six million Jews is to prove it. But there is also the stimulus to progress, laying the foundations for an unprecedented scientific, industrial, pharmacological and technological research. We saved lives with the therapeutic evolution of medicine and killed them by making weapons of mass destruction. We have given hope to the oppressed peoples and have enslaved them with false hopes. We have improved our living conditions by enslaving technology to progress and we have made it regress with poverty and misery. The world population has grown out of proportion, guaranteeing the right to life and we have made it die by denying it the right to live. All this doing and undoing has increased in many of us the thirst for power, selfishness, self-giving, easy enrichment. We created monsters exalting them and making martyrs and heroes into a minority, debasing their moral charge. We have done everything and the opposite of everything with profit logic, acceptable from an ethical point of view, but distorted in the moments in which we have enslaved them to the interests of part in the logic “Mors tua vita mea”. (Riccardo Alfonso)


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