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Someone’s Calling You

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 agosto 2019

In an age when many people own a phone, many prefer to communicate via text, with Americans sending roughly 26 billion text messages each day.Texting isn’t, however, always the most convenient means of communication. Whether you are jogging, cooking, or driving, dealing with text messages can range between a simple nuisance to a safety hazard.Hands-free technology such as Apple’s AirPods and Google Assistant have offered users great solutions. Users can now send and receive text messages audibly through a headset. Whether in the car or on the run, users can listen to a text read back to them and respond verbally.But too much access to texting can also be a problem. A recent study has found that students, for example, have a much more difficult time focusing in school when their phone is present, even when silenced.In the upcoming iOS 13, Apple has announced solutions with its personalization technologies, which screens contacts and considers whether you are using the headset, such as on a call, to intelligently decide what messages are read aloud. IpVenture is thrilled that the market is adopting their technologies in hands-free texting with headsets and personalization.In addition to considering who is calling or texting, and whether the receiver is busy, our technologies can also consider other factors, such as how urgent the message is. Such comprehensive customization ensures that users never miss out on messages they prioritize while also safeguarding their time from unwanted distractions. With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture is a pioneer in market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.


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