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ITRenew Drives Evolution of a Global Circular IT Ecosystem

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 settembre 2019

ITRenew, the world’s leading provider of circular data center solutions to cloud service providers, enables ‘hyperscale for everyone’ through its mission of orchestrating a global circular IT ecosystem with the immense power of the tech and data center industries. By teaming with hyperscalers from design to decommissioning of IT hardware, and in turn bringing recertified hyperscale solutions to the broader service provider markets, ITRenew is leading the global conversation to drive real changes in the industry: sustainable growth, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and democratized access to integrated, open hardware solutions. ITRenew’s Chief Innovation Officer, Ali Fenn, will address a global audience at the Open Compute Project Regional Summit in Amsterdam on September 26th to present groundbreaking new data in support of the company’s mission to transform the global IT industry by operationalizing circular data centers to maximize financial and environmental sustainability opportunities for all infrastructure buyers.Currently, the global IT industry is responsible for 4% of global emissions and may be on track to double that percentage by 2025. In the session, “Operationalizing a Global, Circular IT Industry Is Both Our Opportunity and Imperative”, Fenn will address the urgency to reverse the destructive trend with actionable strategies while scaling the industry’s collective IT hardware infrastructure. Leveraging its deep relationships with hyperscale cloud operators and global operations and market footprint, ITRenew is leading the charge to revolutionize the way IT hardware is managed and deployed around the world through its Sesame line of compute and storage solutions that brings hyperscale technology to infrastructure buyers everywhere with a transformative reduction in TCO.


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