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Prosper Insights & Analytics announced the launch of a new AWS based audience creation platform

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 20 ottobre 2019

that recognizes quality data is the only solution to overcome the significant media waste marketers are experiencing due to poor quality data. The new service called the Prosper Model Factory is the result of 8 years of research and development by Prosper with additional testing and validation done by Dr. Martin Block of The Medill School at Northwestern. Both Block and Dr. Don Schultz also published and presented the findings at several global advertising conferences. The combined effort proved that highly accurate audience models could be developed without using PII in any part of the process thus eliminating the need for cookie-based models.The service unifies Prosper’s unique, accurate and predictive consumer data with the AWS SageMaker advanced analytic development platform. The result is marketers and data scientists can now rapidly create bespoke models on SageMaker by aggregating their own first party data with Prosper’s rich consumer data via a virtual clean room.“In the post privacy world of GDPR and imminent CCPA, cookies enabled impressions are quickly becoming toxic for marketers,” said Gary Drenik, CEO of Prosper. “In addition to negative reputational consequences for advertisers, cookie based models have fostered today’s new digital privacy ecosystem,” said Drenik. “However, Prosper’s new Model Factory service benefits both marketers and consumers. Marketers can develop accurate models while respecting consumers’ privacy. Marketers can now ditch toxic cookies and develop accurate 100% privacy compliant models that never include any PII at any point of their development.”Prosper’s unique 1st party anonymous data powers predictive models across numerous industries ranging from buy and sell side data scientists, the world’s largest retailers, marketing firms, financial institutions, and large digital marketers. Prosper’s data has also been used by the NRF when communicating consumer trends and seasonal shopping expectations for over 16 years. Last year, Prosper and Acxiom expanded their partnership to create powerful predictive audiences.
Marketers who do not wish to have their own bespoke models developed can easily license any of the hundreds of models available off the shelf from the Prosper Model Factory. Current model categories include Health Care, Retail Behaviors, Automotive, Lifestyle, Financial Services and Beverages. Prosper will be adding hundreds of new models every month. Recent additions include unique models for US political marketers and for the China Consumer market. Click to view Models Available.


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