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David Tedesco of Outlier Wins Philanthropic Award for Organizational Advocacy

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 ottobre 2019

The Phoenix Business Journal selected David Tedesco as the winner of the 2019 Organizational Advocate Award. This honor is awarded to the individual who has demonstrated exceptional board participation and support, employing new, creative approaches to addressing challenging issues that especially affect Phoenix Valley communities. David’s track record of significant contributions to numerous non-profit organizations across the Valley uniquely qualified him for this honor.
Since the start of his career, David has always made giving back a top priority through his time, leadership and donations. He served on the board of The Nature Conservancy for nine years and is currently on the board of the Arizona Science Center, where he co-chairs their capital campaign. He is a major contributor to each, giving $250K to the Arizona Science Center and $500K to The Nature Conservancy. He’s also working to help outlaw dark money, donating $100K to the cause.David is the Founder and CEO of Outlier, which owns eight niche-leading businesses across multiple industries and is headquartered in Phoenix. David’s passion for giving back has translated into a philanthropic culture across Outlier’s companies, supporting causes including Autism Speaks, Homes Of Hope, Don’t Be A Chump, Check For A Lump, and Project Cure.
David Tedesco is the Founder and CEO of Outlier, an international conglomerate focused on building, acquiring and growing exceptional businesses, with $1B in revenue, 1,000 locations and 12,000 team members worldwide. A serial entrepreneur, David has been building and acquiring businesses for the last 25 years. David is an active member of the board of directors of many private and public companies and is a regular strategic advisor to numerous private equity firms. He is also a lifelong philanthropist and made giving back a core part of his professional career.


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