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The Collector x Rita Konig

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 22 ottobre 2019

London – Christie’s Autumn edition of The Collector sales in London will collaborate with internationally renowned interior designer Rita Konig on 13 and 14 November, 2019. The series of two Collector sales comprises a wealth of 17th, 18th and 19th century decorative arts and furniture spanning: European and English Furniture, Ceramics, Portrait Miniatures & Works of Art (13 November) and Silver and 19th Century Furniture, Sculpture, Ceramics & Works of Art (14 November), with estimates ranging from £600 to £150,000. Rita styled the pre-sale photo shoot for the collaboration at Burghley House, the home of Christie’s UK Chairman Orlando Rock, juxtaposing characterful antique pieces from different periods to create inviting spaces which are both liveable and packed with personality (images above and throughout). Collectors, enthusiasts and admirers can explore the in-situ room that Rita styles at Christie’s headquarters, along with the overall pre-sale view, in person between the 9 and 12 November.
Known for her relaxed style, Rita Konig believes the best kind of rooms are those which make you want to come in, sit down and stay for a while. Specialising in residential interiors, Rita’s approach sees her deftly layer pattern, texture and colour to create soft, intimate spaces for her clients. She regularly hosts workshops at her London residence, guiding guests through the interior design details that make a home. Rita Konig explains: “Something that I find amazing and exciting about antique objects, like houses, is that they have all these stories; with each generation there’s a different way of living. I love old things, and new beautiful things too, but just not new ordinary things. It’s about mixing – you need a couple of pieces that are really good, the real deal, basically the anchors of yesterday. Using things is also really important, objects can’t be so revered that nobody goes near them, everyone has to live their lives with and amongst them. It’s about being comfortable and enjoying the place you live in. With this collaboration, I hope that people will see how these pieces – which can look very rarefied in a catalogue – can actually be soft and gentle and be part of your life and part of living.”


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