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Freudenberg Medical Launches Wave of Product and Process Innovations

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 novembre 2019

Freudenberg Medical, a global developer and manufacturer of medical devices, components, and minimally invasive solutions, has launched a major innovation initiative – backed by a multimillion-dollar annual investment in R&D – over all its business entities. “Our engineers and product development teams worldwide have been working on over-drive these past few years,” said Dr. Max Kley, CEO of Freudenberg Medical. “The result of this is a large number of innovative products and cutting-edge technologies that will greatly benefit our medical device customers all around the world.” Freudenberg Medical obtained 8 patents for minimally invasive technologies, these include the Composer® Catheter Handle Platform, hemostasis valves with variable diameter seals, and expandable introducer sheaths. Next generation Product Solutions – Composer® EPIC and Composer® Toccata Catheter Handle Platforms, and the HyperSeal® Mini hemostasis valve where just introduced. Designed for medical device companies looking to accelerate time to market with commercialization-ready solutions. Freudenberg Medical has expanded medical Balloon Development and introduced Rapid Response Prototyping for balloons. All capabilities are available in-house to develop, manufacture, and test high performance medical balloons including non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant balloon technologies.Announced this week, Helix iMC™, a ground-breaking new technology to continuously measure the inner geometry of silicone tubes. Unique to the industry, this innovative measurement system significantly increases product quality for critical applications, such as pacemaker lead insulation, and dramatically cuts down on material usage, process time and validation requirements.Twisted Lumen Tubing is another silicone innovation announced by Freudenberg Medical this month. The unique multi-lumen tubing was designed to provide equal balance of stress across the inner and outer lumens as the tubing bends. The proprietary technology offers a broad range in the degree of twist required for medical device applications such as pacemakers, breathing tubes, and other medical applications which require navigation through tortuous pathways within the human body.As a materials specialist Freudenberg Medical has developed a proprietary conductive silicone compound used for both smart therapeutic devices that deliver electrical currents and for ESD shielding of sensitive electronics. Conductive silicone is ideal for two-shot overmolding applications. “Our extensive material knowledge helps us identify and modify state-of-the-art materials and enhance them for special requirements,” said Lars Gerding, Technology Director at Freudenberg Medical.


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