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Cerebras Systems Unveils CS-1, the Industry’s Fastest Artificial Intelligence Computer

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2019

Cerebras Systems, a company dedicated to accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) compute, today unveiled its CS-1 system, the world’s fastest AI computer. With every component optimized for AI work, the CS-1 delivers more compute performance at less space and less power than any other system. At only 26 inches tall, the CS-1 fits in one-third of a standard data center rack, but replaces clusters of hundreds or thousands of graphics processing units (GPUs) that consume dozens of racks and use hundreds of kilowatts of power.
In August, Cerebras delivered the Wafer Scale Engine (WSE), the only trillion transistor wafer scale processor in existence. The Cerebras WSE is 56.7 times larger and contains 78 times more compute cores than the largest GPU, setting a new bar for AI processors. The CS-1 system design and Cerebras software platform combine to extract every ounce of processing power from the 400,000 compute cores and 18 Gigabytes of high performance on-chip memory on the WSE. In AI compute, chip size is profoundly important. Big chips process information more quickly, producing answers in less time. However, exceptional processor performance is necessary but not sufficient to guarantee industry leading AI performance. Innovative, high performance processors, like the WSE, must be combined with dedicated hardware systems and extraordinary software to achieve record-breaking performance. For this reason, every aspect of the Cerebras CS-1 system and the Cerebras software platform was designed for accelerated AI compute.
Cerebras is the only company to undertake the ambitious task of building a dedicated system from the ground up. By optimizing every aspect of chip design, system design, and software, the CS-1 delivers unprecedented performance. With the CS-1, AI work that today takes months can now be done in minutes, and work that takes weeks now can be completed in seconds. Not only does the CS-1 radically reduce training time, but also it sets a new bar for latency in inference. For deep neural networks, single image classification can be accomplished in microseconds, thousands of times faster than alternative solutions. Early customer deployments include Argonne National Laboratory where the CS-1 is being used to accelerate neural networks in pathbreaking cancer studies, to better understand the properties of black holes, and to help understand and treat traumatic brain injuries. The sheer performance of the CS-1 makes it an exceptional solution for the largest and most complex problems in AI.


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