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GEICO Says Drive Safely and Arrive to Turkey Dinner in One Piece

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 novembre 2019

As millions of people get ready to travel to destinations near and far for Thanksgiving, GEICO urges travelers to consider the following tips so they arrive safely for dinner.Pack your vehicle sensibly: Make sure no pieces of luggage or other items obstruct your view, which could create challenges when merging or changing lanes on roads and highways.Leave with full tanks and full charges: It’s important to have a full tank of gas from the start in case you hit unexpected traffic along the way. Remember to also top off the windshield washer fluid tank. Drivers should charge their smartphones completely in case an emergency arises.Review your route: Consider using a traffic app to check for accidents, construction or other issues that may create delays. Look at the weather forecast so you won’t be surprised by dangerous winter weather conditions. Leave the racing for video games; most roadways will have heavier traffic than usual, and drivers will need to proceed patiently. Obey the speed limit and practice defensive driving techniques. Ask passengers to handle all mid-trip activities like programming GPS destinations, setting up playlists, changing climate controls or passing out snacks. Set phones to silent or do not disturb mode, and pull off the road if you must reply to texts or emails or post to social media. They save lives – in one year alone the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates nearly 15,000 individuals survived a crash because they buckled up. Take a few seconds to click it so you can have a safe, enjoyable holiday season.


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