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26th Annual Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 dicembre 2019

The Venture Capital & Private Equity Club, the largest student club at Harvard Business School, will hold its 26th annual Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference on Saturday, February 8, 2020, on the Harvard Business School campus in Boston. One of Harvard Business School’s most anticipated student-run conferences, the one-day event will host more than 1,000 professionals and students to discuss the most pressing issues facing today’s alternative investing industry. Several new panel topics will be introduced this year, including panels on Frontier Technologies, First Time Funds, Mobility, and Investing in China. Also on the agenda are many of last year’s popular topics, including panels on the State of PE, State of VC, Technology, Healthcare, Consumer, and more. More than 300 senior professionals from leading private equity and venture capital firms from around the country will participate in the conference.
“The HBS Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference continues to be one of the most reputable and prominent events at the business school level,” said Tony James, Executive Vice Chairman of The Blackstone Group. “I am excited to be speaking at this noteworthy event which brings together some of the most talented and respected alternative investment professionals. I look forward to exchanging views on the private equity and venture capital industries.”“We are very pleased to have once again the distinct opportunity and pleasure of hosting the VCPE Conference,” said John Dionne, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. “The conference has continued to evolve and attract very highly regarded participants and attendees, which is a credit to the past and present members of HBS’ highly regarded Venture Capital and Private Equity Club. We are thrilled to once again welcome to campus some of the brightest minds in the alternative investing space and facilitate robust debate.” “Having been fortunate enough to be a graduate of Harvard Business School, I have seen firsthand how this conference continues to reinvent itself and offer unique keynotes and panels that are relevant to both the current and future states of the global alternative investment space,” said Jim Breyer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Breyer Capital. “The VCPE team spends an extraordinary amount of time and effort to put together a thoughtful and quality agenda that provides attendees with key takeaways that they can apply to their respective careers and personal ambitions. In addition to providing my thoughts and insights as an early-stage investor, I am eager to hear the views of other participants, scholars, and students, and look forward to another successful event.”


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