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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 335

New Technical Partnership and Solution Integration

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 dicembre 2019

London, UK, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Cancer informatics and digital pathology provider Inspirata announced today a new technical partnership with Artificial Intelligence (AI) provider DeePathology affording joint customers with the ability to utilise DeePathology’s proprietary Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) Decision Support System, directly from within Inspirata Dynamyx™, to improve reporting accuracy and safely accelerate the H. Pylori diagnostic process.H. Pylori (HP) is a type of bacteria that lives within the digestive tract of approximately two-thirds of the global population. While infection typically causes the carrier little or no issue, for a minority of individuals the presence of H. Pylori can lead to health complications such as stomach ulcers, and in certain circumstances, cancer. Given the endemic nature of the bacteria, testing for H. Pylori in H&E and Giemsa-stained gastric biopsies is a routinely performed exercise. However, present analogue testing methods require an intervention by a pathologist, are time-consuming and can often see relevant bacteria missed. Moreover, inter and intra observer agreement when it comes to the detection of H. Pylori by expert pathologists is relatively low. To address this challenge, DeePathology has spearheaded an effort to explore how AI-based image analysis techniques could be used as a vehicle for assisting the pathologist find and confirm the likely presence of H. Pylori in a case. This effort has culminated in the successful release of DeePathology’s H. Pylori Decision Support System.“Our relentless focus on empowering customers to utilise best-of-breed AI solutions as a means of reducing the length of time, level of effort and instances of error in executing a case made the question of whether Inspirata should partner with DeePathology a very easy one to answer,” detailed Mark Lloyd Inspirata EVP and Founder. “The ground-breaking work of DeePathology in H. Pylori detection really speaks for itself. Similarly, the integration of the H. Pylori Decision Support System into Dynamyx™ represents another tangible example of how open platforms and provider collaboration make it so much easier for clinical laboratories to embrace innovation in their efforts to improve patient outcomes.”The shared Inspirata and DeePathology integration works by the H. Pylori Decision Support System automatically reading, detecting and ranking images consistent with the presence of H. Pylori as they are ingested into Dynamyx™. The likely presence of H. Pylori is then flagged for the pathologist’s attention via a report made immediately available within the standard suite of diagnostic aids at their disposal.“With the debate around whether to digitise or not now firmly put to rest, we are increasingly being asked by the clinical community to demonstrate ‘what’s next’ in terms of new methods for reducing case-turnaround times and improving patient care,” said Inspirata Europe General Manager Tim Wing. “Our exciting new partnership with DeePathology is just one fantastic example of what is already immediately available to those healthcare providers who elect to partner with Inspirata for digital pathology.”The DeePathology H. Pylori Detection Support System is complemented by DeePathology STUDIO™, a purpose-built platform designed specifically to enable pathologists and the research community create their own state of the art AI-based image analysis solutions.Inspirata revealed their new partnership with DeePathology as part of the company’s attendance at Digital Pathology and AI Congress in London. Inspirata will be showcasing Dynamyx™ through one-to-one demonstrations at stand 29 throughout the two-day event.


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