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United Health Products Completes Safety and Efficacy Animal Study for HemoStyp® Hydrocolloid Product

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 dicembre 2019

United Health Products (UHP) (OTC: UEEC) today announced that it had completed a safety and efficacy animal study for its HemoStyp hydrocolloid product, for which it filed a patent application in August 2019. The hemostatic hydrocolloid product is formed into a gel, foam or spray in order to control bleeding and oozing from a variety of wounds. If the patent is granted and FDA approval is obtained, HemoStyp could then be bundled as a suite of multiple products for surgical and wound care applications. UHP is also working on two other complementary HemoStyp-based products that could potentially be added to its surgical product suite.The study, A Safety and Efficacy HemoStyp Hydrocolloid Test, was done by creating bilateral femoral arteriovenous fistulas in swine. HemoStyp thrombin hydrocolloid was applied to the anastomosis suture line on one side for the cessation of bleeding, while the market leading competitive product was applied to the anastomosis suture line on the opposite side for the cessation of bleeding.
After the completed hemostatic test, an autopsy with pathologic evaluation was performed three weeks following the procedures and showed no difference in scarring and inflammation between the two hemostatic agents. Pathology was completed by Thomas J. Baldwin, DVM, PhD, DACVP Director, Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, an affiliate of Utah State University, on November 22, 2019.The study indicated that the safety properties are equivalent to a previously approved Class III competitive product. These findings will be used to create an application for an additional format to the HemoStyp family of products and an additional Class III.


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