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Singapore BIGO Technology Integrates Artificial Intelligence Into Communication Apps

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 dicembre 2019

Leading technology company from Singapore BIGO Technology (BIGO), the holding company for popular new age communication platforms like Bigo Live (Live Streaming), Likee (Short-form Videos), and imo (Video Communication) has shared that they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a foundation to create a more engaging, world-class immersive experience for their users.
Bigo Live, the popular live broadcasting app allows users to share real-time experiences with their friends. The app also allows viewers to comment or send virtual gifts to their favorite broadcasters to show their support. Most of Bigo Live’s broadcasters use the platform to showcase their talents including dancing, singing, magic tricks and more. Bigo Live broadcasters can sometimes use this platform as a revenue source, transforming the virtual gifts sent in support by fans into cash.Likee, which has garnered popularity very quickly is a short-form video platform with unique features that allow users to do “magic” tricks like disappearing, change the color of their hair, apply different styles of makeup, take on a different character and use fun stickers to animate their videos. Likee won the Google Awards in 2017 for “Best App of the Year”, and is one of the “Most Downloaded Apps” in 2019.Together, these platforms service over 300 million active users on a monthly basis in more than 150 countries. In order to keep up with endless data being transmitted, AI is particularly important in deciphering, segregating, and analyzing large pockets of data, with key focus in the distinct areas of (1) Deepening user engagement, (2) Enhancing user experience, (3) Recommending feed to users, and (4) Ensuring a holistic and clean platform environment. With 509 technological patents awaiting approval and 105 approved patents under its belt, it is evident that BIGO’s central interest is a heavy investment in the area and the development of AI; ensuring that they stay ahead of the game.


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