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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 34 n° 349

Welcome by president of the Most Beautiful Villages of the World

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 dicembre 2019

Mr. Mestre travelled around some Swiss villages; for example, the small medieval town of the Reuss, Bremgarten, or the quiet and charming Aarburg. The most beautiful villages in Switzerland is an association founded in 2015 with the aim of protecting, promoting and coordinating in a tourist network the Swiss municipalities that, meeting the criteria set out in the quality charter, are classified as such. Since 2017, the Swiss Association is a member of the International Federation of the Most Beautiful Villages of the World. Currently, it includes 37 municipalities.This meeting had as objective to know more about the important natural and architectural heritage in this beautiful Alpine region. “We highly value the work done by the association in Switzerland to preserve the rural, historical and cultural heritage of its villages. Switzerland and Liechtenstein have municipalities with fascinating nature, local cuisine, picturesque landscapes and the legacy of in these small but great places of excellence where culture, art and natural beauty blend with quality of life and traditions dating back to thousands of years”, explained Mr. Mestre.The Federation integrates different associations in several countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Japan and Wallonia, and Russia, Saxony (Germany), Lebanon or Switzerland as observers. All those (and the best villages of each country) have been carefully chosen to widely share their beauty, whether natural, artistic, cultural or culinary.The federation gathers around 700 villages with specific characteristics and history, all certified for their uniqueness and excellence. This federation represents all this values, ensuring the protection and enhancement of this immense heritage. “This meeting had the objective of strengthening the ties of work and friendship with counterparts Associations, as the one in Switzerland, in order to build a strong link with the inhabitants of our beautiful villages, as well as the preservation and the transmission of this heritage to future generations, and the development of an international sustainable tourism”, ended Mr. Mestre, adding that “one of the most important goals of these associations is to promote small towns and make them more popular. The big cities are all more or less the same, whether in Russia, Japan or Germany”.


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